Plan B – Final Previews

Out already for Members, Sunday for everyone else… Captain Liberty needs a new plan and fast, as she’s invited a film crew to broadcast her live arrest of the Anvil, only trouble is, something or someone has set her up for a fall by sending him a weapon to drain her power. A humiliating ass-kicking follows as the Captain is embarrassed beyond belief in front of a watching world! Catch all the action NOW if you got your Member email!


  • Holy Moly! Outstanding!
    As a huge Captain Liberty fan, this was definitely a treat. She always gives an incredible performance, but she may have just raised the bar again. I loved all the grinning to the camera, during the moments where she was winning. And she did an amazing job of selling the toll the battle was taking on her. particularly that sequence where she was struggling to even get back up onto her feet.
    Anvil gave a great performance too, reveling in his new gift. I loved the part where he threatened the camera crew to keep on filming.
    Of course, with both the Captain and Anvil, the action is guaranteed to be top-notch, and it certainly was.

    And what an awesome (and huge) accompanying photo-set. Lots of gorgeous solo shots (loved all the kicking) and some really great posed action.
    Further proof just why she been my joint-favourite for a while.
    Definitely a must buy 🙂

    • Thanks for that review, I really love this video. Of course I am reasonably happy with everything we put out but this one is one that worked particularly well. Captain Liberty has achieved this a few times for us, I hope your enthusiasm gets a few people off the fence, it really is worth it.

  • Terrific video! Captain Liberty has made several of the best videos of the last few years, IMO, and this one goes on that list. Glad to see her enjoying herself a bit here, even if it doesn’t last long. The fight is quick and hard, with some of the most believable combat I’ve seen in an NGC video. Of course, CL fights are always a cut above and the Anvil brings out the best in his opponents, going back to his first appearance against Starshot (see also his fights with Wonderstrike, Celestia, and Lady Victory.)
    I’d say this is a must-have video if you’re a fan of Captain Liberty, and it is, but it’s also a video that will make you a fan if you aren’t one. And the photoset is exceptional.

  • This video was fun. This was probably the best acting by the Captain Liberty actress, going from happy and overconfident to miserable and defeated. The Anvil actor was good too going from confused to gloating and arrogant at his victory. The camera part was well done as it felt like a live action fight. The screen did not have any clutter on it like some other producers do to show a live stream ( ie graphics, bit rates, video quality,…). The off the camera fight part was funny and reminded me of something that you would see in a cartoon/sitcom. Overall, great job with this one ! 🙂

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