Policy for Re-downloads

Here is a rather dull post I’m afraid, with no pictures, but I’m making it as something I can refer people to and it outlines our site policy for requesting new downloads.

Firstly, it has to be pointed out that this service beyond a certain point is a courtesy. It is my job to ensure that you receive the download that you paid for. After that it is for customers to please remember to back up files. If you have some terrible event where you lose everything and are a customer in good standing who has never had such a problem before then of course I will make all reasonable efforts to reunite you with your videos.

However, if there comes a time when I move processing platforms it may no longer be possible to do so. I’m not planning on doing that but I wouldn’t bank on me always being able to help you.

Beyond this I will deal with requests on a case by case basis. Again, if you are requesting downloads for the first time I am highly likely to help you. After that it gets trickier.

To put it into context, I get requests from the same handful of individuals for fresh downloads weekly, twice weekly, even several days in a row in some cases. In the message to me when requesting fresh downloads there is often the same thing: “My hard drive crashed so I need new downloads” – If your hard drive crashes every week then you need to fix that problem for good before contacting me please. The more likely reason is that this is to use the download for piracy, so please, let’s not even pretend with each other, if you’ve made more than two requests ever then you need a REALLY good excuse, because after the first time you should have backed up.

Also, I do need a reason to send fresh downloads. Often the message is either blank or just says “Link”. That is not good enough. I apologise if English isn’t your first language, I would rather you sent a message in your native language and I could translate it rather than blank or “Link”. I have to know what has gone wrong.

To be crystal clear – I will do the best I can to get everyone their download, in almost 10 years I think I’ve managed this. If you have an unfortunate problem in the future and you need fresh downloads then once again, where possible, I will try and help you. From that point on you will have been reminded to back things up, and it’s for you to do so. I’d love things to be different and that I could trust everyone but I can’t, and it’s very sad.


  • Thank you very much for sharing this info! Unfortunately I had this same problem a couple years ago or a bit more, I had gotten the fresh download from NGC all ok and later had seen I sadly forgot to back it up after receiving the download the second time. I had not asked for another since as I did not want to continue troubling NGC for my own faults. Sadly pirating is very real and doing something like that is definitely one reason to share this message with everyone. I hope those requesting for a fresh download were able to get their PC issues fixed and have everything saved ok!

  • My computer was bricked like 4-5 years ago (shortly after my laptop was stolen while i still was in college) and i never thought of asking for re downloads i think (a mixture of being ashamed to do so and accepting i should have back-ups maybe was the reason). In fact i was able to re buy most of my library with sales and i even remember that the emails for some members only videos still have the links to purchase the video working fine!
    Anyway thanks for clarifying this, not only did you remind me to back up my files but also that you can offer some solution in case anything happens (which not many in the internet are willing to do)!! I might check if i’m still missing some videos. Thanks for the heads up!

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