Powerthief – Final Previews

Out ALREADY for Members, Sunday on this website for everyone else… ‘Powerthief’ stars Wonderstrike as she attempts to take down a new villainess who has a pathological desire to take everything from her, even her dignity! With powerful technology in the villainesses corner, could this be the end of Wonderstrike’s illustrious career?


  • Great video 🙂
    Wonderstrike was her usual delightful self, and the action was terrific throughout. Costume swaps always make for a fun gimmick, and it seems like there’ll be plenty more scope for that with this villainess.
    I really enjoyed Sable Shadow’s performance, and there’s definitely a lot of potential for fun with other heroines. I look forward to seeing more with her.
    It’s been nagging me all week… I was sure I’d seen her before someplace. Then it just hit me while watching the video… she played one of the infected in “Known Unknowns”, didn’t she? Nice to see her get a named part 🙂

    Awesome photo-set, too, with plenty of action in both regular and swapped costumes to enjoy.

  • And another job well done! I enjoyed the first appearance of Sable Shadow, always cool to see another villainess added to the mix. I wonder if when we see her next (and hopefully we do), will she start out with Wonderstrike’s power, or perhaps that of another heroine?

  • I think that this was the first costume swapping since AC’s Miracle Maiden vs Feline Fury. Wonderstrike looks great in both costumes and her acting was great as usual. Sable Shadow’s acting and fighting was great too. Near the end, Wonderstrike shows that she is brave but comes up short. Wonderstrike looked great in the ending part 🙂

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