Prisoner – Final Previews

Out ALREADY for Members, Sunday on this website… All superheroines in this dystopian tale are under the boot of vicious and cruel captors. Liberty and Freedom have failed, and with them the heroines that bear those titles. Captain Liberty is brought before her sadistic jailer to be interrogated, and he will get his answers!


  • Excellent video! 🙂
    Captain Liberty never disappoints, and her performance here was sensational. The way she played her wearied and defeated totally contrasted her usual heroic persona. The dark, dystopian setting really added to the hopeless feel, as the Captain is beaten to breaking point.
    The twist in the story was really cool, and showed great potential for the bad guy in future stories (and I’ve already told you before how much I’ve enjoyed that actor’s performance in his ActionCosplay appearances, so great to see him on the main site)

    And wow! A really gorgeous photo-set

  • The acting by both Captain Liberty and the villain was great. It’s always great to see Captain Liberty ( and other superheroines) in restraints 🙂 The story overall was good. It kind of leaves an opening for the new villain to keep tormenting Captain Liberty and others in the future ! 🙂

  • What an interesting video! I don’t even know what to say about it without potentially spoiling the wonderful twists. Suffice to say there’s a wonderful drama playing out in this video beyond the incredible merits revealed in the preview materials.
    Meanwhile… Oh. My. Goodness. When Captain Liberty first appeared I lamented that the long sleeves covered her shoulders and arms (revealed in several KickAssKandy videos) even though the top was nicely fitted, but this sleeveless prison uniform is exquisite. Even the color is flattering, and it’s nice that even an abused prisoner like the former CL gets to do her hair and nails. She looks *amazing* in this video.
    As good-looking as she is, CL is rather pitiful for much of the video, showcasing her skill with disoriented, pained, and weary expressions, although we also get to see her determined scowl. She has a couple of passouts or near-passouts that are really nice. There’s one great moment when he chokes her and she blacks out (maybe browns out), then when she comes to her face registers the crushing realization of where she is and what’s happening.
    Great to see the Supremacist actor again. He’s good at being menacing, which I expect isn’t as easy as it looks.
    Again, really really interesting scenario. I very much hope this isn’t a one-off.

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