Prisoner – TRAILER

Out on FRIDAY for Members, Sunday for everyone else on this website… Captain Liberty is utterly defeated before this one even starts. Can things get any worse for her than they already have? Yes. They can.


  • Last month I was ready to crown Majesty my 2023 MVP, but late-year releases are blowing it wide open. Captain Liberty was my fav early in the year, but Majesty took the lead with 6 terrific videos and a ton of great photo sets. With this video, the Captain may take the title back (she was my 2021 MVP). Wonderstrike overtook Majesty last year to claim my 2022 MVP and she has a lot of wonderful videos this year as well (including two of Majesty’s best) plus another forthcoming.
    Those three seem to be perennial candidates, but there’s a good case for Patriot-Girl after last week, and Lady X and Shining Spirit should probably be in the conversation. They all had great photo sets, too. It’s a difficult, maybe impossible choice. I’m glad absolutely nothing is at stake.

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