Progression of Power – Final Previews

Out ALREADY for Members, and Sunday on this website for everyone else! ‘Progression of Power’ sees a fantastic clash between Patriot-Girl and Dr Progress as she fights for her freedom, and he fights for… profit! Make sure to open your email, already sent out to Members if you want this one now!


  • My reaction to the trailer proved to be 100% accurate…
    Holy Moley!!! That was hands down my favourite Patriot-Girl video yet (and there’s been plenty of amazing ones)
    The performances of Patriot-Girl and Dr Progress were both spectacular, and Patriot-Girls journey from her usual delightful arrogance to helpless defeat was sensational to watch.

  • I may be going out on a limb here, but in my opinion, this has to be the best Patriot Girl video to date! Her acting was nothing short of spectacular, the action and fight choreography were flawless, and the camerawork was simply stellar. The close-in and angle shots in particular really added to the excitement and drama of the video. And the actress portraying Patriot Girl was absolutely tantalizing: she is gorgeous, athletic, gutsy, and extremely talented. What an incredible 18+ minutes this video turned out to be. Excellent, EXCELLENT work to all involved!

  • Charlie Z. says:

    I really love that Patriot-Girl (or the actress herself does that) paints her nails red. It really adds up that blend between her strength and her feminity – red nails look perfectly fantastic on her! I would even just go for that to instant buy!

    • Darkwrath016 says:

      This! I don’t know why this was the case but I loved the way Patriot Girl did her nails in this video and you phrased it well. It somehow added an extra layer of femininity to her character that makes her charming. And it’s not even like if she’s the first actress to have her nails painted but something about this color, mixed in with her costume, added to her personality really stands out…..

      Or we could just be equally obsessed with the actress’s beauty

  • I’m not sure if this is my absolute favorite solo Patriot-Girl video, but the actress is phenomenal. She’s astoundingly convincing as a superheroine and is terrific playing the character.
    I knew I’d like this one early in the week when the initial description said that PG was “characteristically dismissive” of her opponent, because I love her withering quips at the expense of villains and (on occasion) other heroines. She’s part superheroine, part insult comic, and the first few minutes of the video grace us with several choice cutting remarks.
    She’s also an excellent physical performer who expresses what the character is thinking and feeling with looks, gestures, and movement. Her acting in this video is superb in every respect.
    The ever-reliable Dr. Progress is maniacal and menacing, delivering a vigorous performance that matches her energy. Lovely photoset as well.

  • Dr Progress is as maniacal as ever in this one 🙂 Good back and fourth insults and fighting by both. Overall a great vid !

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