PURE: Deceptress v Alaric – More Previews

Out TOMORROW for Members, Sunday on this website – The Deceptress takes on Alaric in a pure-style super-fight. No quarter is given as these two forces collide. Sure, Alaric might be dishing out the majority of the moves, but is that enough to defeat our heroine?


  • Bearhug? Choke lift? Backbreaker? Damn i´m so sold on this video!!
    Side question: Will Deceptress keep cycling through outfits or was the catsuit comeback a one off?

  • I bought this match today and I really really love all the movies with Deceptress. I really like her… But I prefer the previous match against Dr Progress because I prefer the leg and arm breakers. Unfortunately this match has nothing of all. I still hope to see her back in a Pure match (maybe with catsuit outfit) and a match where she shows her cloning ability again. And furthermore I’m dreaming about a match where the clones of Erica are all getting destroyed by leg, arm, back, head breakers where the clones can’t do anything (maybe where the clones can’t move anymore). And finally Erica itself is getting destroyed. Maybe this can also be a 2 on 1 match (Alaric and Dr Progress vs. Deceptress). If such a match becomes true… This would be AMAZIMG and I still hope/dream about it. Please let it becomes true… *PLEASE*. Thank you NGC for all the amazing stuff!!!

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