Redstone Gang – Trailer

Out FRIDAY for Members… Sunday on this website… Wonderstrike imagined she had a simple mission of arresting a small-time gang for a robbery, but it turns out that these hoodlums stole something FAR more valuable…a giant REDSTONE! Wonderstrike needs to get it back, but it won’t be easy!


  • 1) This looks outstanding, Friday is going to be a good day!
    2) Maybe a dumb question, but why do y’all drop the trailers for NGC here on Wednesdays, but not for the other associated brands like AC and The Championship? Just wondering because I always look forward to trailer Wednesdays!

  • Awesome! This already looks like it has the potential to overtake “Villains Accomplice” as my favourite Wonderstrike video.
    Can’t wait til Friday 😀

  • omg this looks so good. I love how scared she looks when she realizes these low thugs are going to overpower her powerful body!

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