Atomic Conversion

Episode / On-Going Story 55

Lightstalker is loyal, but just too weak in Killscape's view. He needs a new Lady Atom after the last one got seduced away from him, and Lightstalker will do nicely. He just has to cut her open and fit the mini nuclear reactor inside and 'Voila'! He has what he needs. The only problem is, Lightstalker doesn't want to be cut open... Killscape will have to persuade her!


Killscape is feeling the pressure as Equilibrium continues to come under fire from the villains and others they have wronged. His Guardian Angels are starting to prove unreliable also, but not the ever-loyal Lightstalker. It is a pity that she is too weak to be truly useful, but if he can cut her open and place a nuclear reactor inside, she’ll make the perfect ‘new’ Lady Atom. Chloroform is attempted, but Lightstalker dodges, she can’t believe Killscape would turn against her, and she decides to fight for her life. She is an excellent fighter, but does she have the strength to resist the ex-Mayor? He certainly has the strength advantage, easily suspending her in chokes and backbreakers, and tossing her around like a ragdoll, placing her in huge danger. If he puts her to sleep, she’ll go under the knife for sure. Can she escape this fate?


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