Captain Liberty in The Danger Room

Villain Network / Season 4 28

Captain Liberty had a grand plan to entrap Dr Progress into a conspiracy and take him out of action. However, the Doctor didn't get his degree by being stupid. Instead, he teams with Ex-Mayor Killscape and the Villain Network to bait and switch Captain Liberty, trapping her in her very own Danger Room!


Here follows a message from Villain Network President, Ex-Mayor Killscape:

“Captain Liberty thinks that she is so clever trying to entrap one of the great minds of war; Dr Progress. However, we saw her coming, even in those glasses and tight little pencil skirt. It is she who will be trapped, in her very own Danger Room. The poison darts are prepared, so are the chains, the electric shock devices, the human oven, the laser blaster… oh, and of course the chloroform. Captain Liberty is going to give us exactly what we want; her very own cries of pain. Enjoy dear subscribers, enjoy.”


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