Dark Mercenary

Season 4 / Solo mission 34

Wonderstrike is closing in on an amazing victory over organised crime, with only a cornered Anvil left to take down. In desperation, he pays through the nose for a 'Dark Mercenary' to stop the wonderful heroine in her tracks. Is Wonderstrike ready?


Wonderstrike is in the final stretch of ending a huge organised crime ring and is on her way to take down the final piece in the puzzle: The Anvil. Fortunately for him he gets a heads up from a minion about what happened and makes an expensive hiring choice to stop Wonderstrike in her tracks. She arrives before that can happen however and she and Anvil fight. Wonderstrike has mastered her ‘Wonder-Blast’ and is a formidable heroine. Even using his power gauntlet, Anvil struggles. Until finally, his paid for Mercenary arrives. As mighty as Wonderstrike now is, she has no chance against the Dark God Nemesis, who rampages through her as if she has no power whatsoever. The only question now is how far will he go in his attack before the Anvil runs out of money?

Running Time:  13 Minutes 36 Seconds   •   Format:  MP4 Video   •   Resolution:  1920 x 1080   •   File Size:  610 MB   •   Delivery:  Instant Download   •   Price:  $19.95 USD

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