Season 4 / Solo mission 51

Wonderstrike thinks she's caught the Anvil in possession of a stolen briefcase crammed with cash, made doubly clever by use of a tracker in the case and a cunning disguise as a pest controller. However, perhaps the whole thing is not as it seems. As she fights Anvil for supremacy she doesn't understand the danger defeat will place her in!


Wonderstrike has hatched a plan to finally put the Anvil behind bars, placing a tracker in a briefcase full of money that he and his gang can’t resist stealing, she can use undercover cunning to find the case in his possession. It sounds perfect, but naturally when Anvil works out what is going on, he wants to fight back. And what a fight as the two exchange heavy blows while raising the stakes with their powers. Anvil uses his power-gauntlet, Wonderstrike uses her Wonder-blast. His battling won’t save him from prison however, unless… it was Wonderstrike who was getting played all along. Which of them ends up in the clink?


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