Double Bluff

Season 4 / Solo mission 55

Ubiquity intends to save her sector of the city from the Masked Man who is demanding big ransom money or he'll detonate several bombs in undisclosed locations. Ubiquity fights the villain for control of his detonator, but learns the hard way that the Masked Man always has ulterior motives. One such motive involves her chained up and sold at auction with her rare power! Does she have the skills to evade this appalling fate?


The Masked Man is back, and as ever seems to run on the dual motivations of profit, and hatred for superheroines. His plot this time appears to be the destruction of Sector B of the city, a sector patrolled by Ubiquity. The rookie heroine is tough and brave, but she’s never faced such a dangerous villain when it comes to mind games. Her power impresses the Masked Man, but that alone could be her downfall. The two fight over his detonator as she tries to keep the city safe, he is stronger than she imagined and seemingly smarter too. In the end, it seems as though he wants something even more valuable than ransom money, he wants a heroine with rare powers to sell at auction. Her humiliating message to buyers looks like a terrible defeat. Can she escape and defeat the villain?


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