Families That Kill Together – Part 2

Episode / On-Going Story 46

The Clarke Sisters are forced to team-up, despite their present issues, to try and stop an apparent 'Zombie' Darkheart that keeps rising from the dead, while growing ever stronger. Even 2 versus 1 proves difficult as the monster out muscles even these mighty heroines. Can they find a way to win? Or is defeat certain?


We last saw the two Majesty’s getting shocked by a reviving Darkheart that keeps getting up even after seemingly being killed. Worse still, it appears to grow stronger each time. The two sisters have their issues, but if they’re going to stand any chance against this monster, they’ll need to work together. The fight is brutal as the rampaging zombie Darkheart KO’s one Majesty, just in time for the second to recover and fight, but the sisters rarely get the chance to double-team the beast, leading to great peril. Can they defeat the Darkheart?


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