First Day of 100 Years

Season 4 / Broken Wing 03

Super-Bluebird narrowly defeated Sister Fate but immediately went after her boss: The Crown Prince. This was a huge error. Offending the Prince causes him to enlist Nemesis to not only end the 'Super-Bluebird' reign, but to bring about a total surrender, and this is only day one.


The following words come from the Crown Prince:

“This ‘superheroine’ thinks that she can call my name without consequence? She will pay for that with all her humility. She was fortunate to get past Sister Fate and Alaric but now I will send my favourite mercenary Nemesis to bring her to her knees. She may believe herself strong, but she is in for an almighty shock. I have paid Nemesis well, his instructions are to crush her resistance and bring her so low that she will become my eternal slave forever. The living nightmare I have prepared for her will begin on this first day.”

This scene is set after the alternate (WIN) ending of ‘Broken Wings Part 2’ and diverges from ‘Genesis’. It seems Super-Bluebird was destined to fail no matter what.

For Mature Viewers Only   •   Comic Book Violence    •   Female vs. Male Combat   •

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