Grey Area

Episode / On-Going Story 43

Alias walks in on the villainous Anvil in calm discussion with her Equilibrium handler Sister Fate and sees red. Feeling betrayed, she goes on full attack in her Bluebird and Lady Victory forms to take down 2 people she now considers villains. But perhaps things aren't so black and white? Particularly when Ex-Mayor Killscape gets takes sides!


Celestia’s plan worked perfectly, driving a wedge between the Equilibrium hierarchy and their villainous associates. Sister Fate doesn’t know which category she falls into, preferring to stay with Equilibrium, but Anvil pays her a visit, informing her she’s unlikely to be part of their plans. Just then, Alias arrives. To this point she is being handled by Sister Fate for Equilibrium, but seeing her talking with Anvil stirs up the young heroine’s blood. Perhaps both of them have been villains all along? Pretty quickly Alias is battling both in Bluebird and later Lady Victory form, but she is outmatched. Knocking Alias out and tying her up to restrain her, Sister Fate puts a call into Ex-Mayor Killscape to explain the situation. Killscape’s next move proves shocking. What is it?


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