Heroine Showcase

Villain Network / Season 4 24

Alias is tricked into playing her part in 'Heroine Showcase' a new program that is meant to shower young heroines with praise for their achievements. Unfortunately for Alias, it's actually an instant test of her mettle against a mighty opponent. Does she have what it takes? Or will VTV be showcasing the destruction of a heroine?


Here follows a transmission from Ex-Mayor Killscape:


“Poor young Alias, such a simple girl, given so much power to prove herself, but like all true heroines, too stupid to understand what she has. The subscribers to my Villain Network have waited long enough for her humiliation, and so here I present it, in spades. We trick Alias into believing she is to be the star of a show that praises her powers and successes, but instead of just talking about them, we put them to the test against Midnight, a dangerous villain who loves squashing uppity young blondes. Alias just isn’t ready and so follows a complete destruction of her body. A shame she had to learn the hard way about who she works for. Enjoy.”


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