I Become You

Season 4 / Solo mission 43

Captain Liberty tracks down the Dominator whose plan is to use a high-powered crystal against her and alter them both in a way that benefits the villainess. When the crystal stalls, Captain Liberty sees her chance and a titanic battle begins between two mighty women. If Dominator can KO the heroine, she can get her way... but can she?


Captain Liberty tracks down the Dominator, whom she does not want in her part of the city. As expected, the villainess is up to no good, and hoped to lure the Captain into her trap. Her plan is to use a large powered crystal that will make lasting changes to both of them, but when the crystal doesn’t work first time, the Captain has a chance to strike. What follows is a titanic battle between two mighty women. Dominator knows that she needs to KO the heroine to have any chance of success, and then tie her up and force her to touch the crystal. What will happen when this goal is achieved?


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