Season 4 / Solo mission 61

Patriot-Girl is lured into the Masked Man's hypnotic trap by a bomb scare. She isn't worried, being far stronger than him. However, he's planned everything carefully, he uses a hypnotic ring to place her in and out of a trance, hampering her attempts to fight him and leading to her own KO. He dresses her as Miss Freedom and taunts her as merely an imitation of the Elite Force great. His ultimate plan is much darker than just taunts however...


Patriot-Girl is sent to defuse an explosive device only to find it is a dud in order to lure her into the presence of the Masked Man. She isn’t afraid of him, but she under-estimates his cunning as he uses a powerful hypnotic ring to induce her into a trance. With some resistance she manages to fight back, but her efforts are continually hampered by the ring. The Masked Man is known for his twisted cruelty and having KO’d Patriot-Girl, he dresses her in the Miss Freedom catsuit, taunting her as merely an imitation of the legendary Elite Force leader. Outraged, Patriot-Girl fights back even harder but the Masked Man is always ready. In the end, when Patriot-Girl’s defeat is assured, he commands her to do something despicable, but will she do it?


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