Imprisoning The Prince – Part 1

Episode / On-Going Story 29

Celestia and Deceptress make a bold play in their attempt to stop the Crown Prince before he becomes powerful enough to break into Sanctuary. To lure him into a prison dimension will take not only cunning, but an ability to take a lot of punishment. Are they up to it?


It is becoming desperate. The Crown Prince almost has enough Redstone to break into Sanctuary and destroy all surviving heroines, he must be confronted before that can happen. The plan Celestia has devised is to use the Deceptress as bait to lure him into a prison dimension and lock him away for good. It won’t be easy. Calling the Prince out is simple enough, but he brings Alaric and the Anvil with him and a fight ensues. Celestia does a reasonable job holding her own but Deceptress really starts to struggle, and her attempt to lure the Prince leaves Celestia alone with the 2 dangerous foes. Soon Celestia is woman-handled with ease by the villainous duo. Do our heroines have a Plan B?

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