Imprisoning The Prince – Part 2

Episode / On-Going Story 30

With Celestia in deep trouble fighting Alaric and the Anvil alone, Deceptress has a decision to make... Does she wait for the Crown Prince to pursue her to the trap dimension? Or does she revert to a Plan B that she never told anyone about?


We left Part 1 with Deceptress waiting in the trap dimension for the Crown Prince who had yet to take the bait. Celestia meanwhile is alone attempting to fend off Alaric and the Anvil at the same time. It isn’t going well. The two villains delight in Celestia’s pain and misery and woman-handle her for a long period while she cannot fight back. Sensing such a fate for Celestia, the Deceptress decides to revert to a Plan B that she never told anyone about, returning to the fray to even the score. Perhaps her lure will be stronger this time? Or both heroines will get pummelled and imprisoned themselves?

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