In The End, Silence

Episode / On-Going Story 58

The end is here as the infection is now almost total. With Wonderstrike having vanished, the world is now defenceless against the march of the Infected. Sworn to protect the public, Ubiquity & Captain Liberty do what they can, but now overpowered they can't hold out much longer... besides, what is left to protect?


With the recent disappearance of Wonderstrike, the heroines and all uninfected people across the world are left defenceless against the infection. They cannot kill the infected as that only brings them back stronger. Ubiquity finds herself cornered by an infected Darkheart far stronger than she, her attempt is merely to keep it in one place, so that it is only punishing her and not the public. She receives needed back up from Captain Liberty, but even their combined powers aren’t enough to subdue it. Both heroines take a huge beating as they try to make the impossible happen. The infection is now almost total, what is it they are defending? Will this be the end for humanity?


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