The Iron Drone

Special / Season 3 17

Comet Girl is curiously delving into the Elite Force vaults when she comes across the huge Iron Drone. Accidentally awakening it, she now must stop it from leaving on a path to destroy all former Elite Force heroines!


Comet Girl, being over-curious mistakenly activates the gigantic and deadly Iron Drone, a relic of past conflicts. The Drone is only meant to be activated in the event of Elite Force going rogue so that it might hunt down and eliminate the various members. Comet Girl soon realises the terrible mistake she has made. If she can’t find a way to shut it down then all her team mates will be in great peril.

Comet Girl tries everything she can think of to subdue the metal monster, but it’s power is unmatched and even her great speed is not much use. After being KO’d she wakes to find it heading outside on a path of destruction and must coax it back to keep fighting her, which it does, squeezing the life out of her with bear hugs, relentless punches and further KO’s. Can Comet Girl stop The Iron Drone?

For Mature Viewers Only   •   Comic Book Violence   •   Female vs. Female Combat   •   INCLUDES WIN & LOSE ENDINGS!

Running Time:  9 Minutes 49 Seconds   •   Format:  MP4 Video   •   Resolution:  1280 x 720   •   File Size:  222 MB   •   Delivery:  Instant Download   •   Price:  $14.95 USD

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