Lost Guardians – Part 1

Episode / On-Going Story 50

Killscape has his back against the wall, as villains he double-crossed turn against him en masse, and take out their rage on his young Guardian's. He badly needs to boost numbers, so searches his dungeon and finds Captain Liberty! Perhaps she'll join? Unlikely, BUT this is a good opportunity to test his new charge; Lightstalker. Maybe she can persuade the Captain?


Ex-Mayor Killscape is watching in horror as his corporate empire threatens to crumble around him while various villains take revenge against his double-dealing as exposed by Celestia. Killscape treasures nothing more than his Guardian program, and may soon need it for protection, but with his girls being targeted, he needs new recruits. He opens his dungeon where he finds Captain Liberty. Perhaps she will join? The Captain unsurprisingly isn’t keen, so Killscape introduces Lightstalker, an overly loyal charge who relies on tech for her power. If the Captain won’t join willingly, then Lightstalker will persuade her, with force.


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