Lost Guardians – Part 2

Episode / On-Going Story 51

Captain Liberty and Lightstalker wake after their double-KO and get back into the fight. With Lightstalker's tech at full charge, it looks like a defeat for Captain Liberty, but after a rally, Killscape can't resist joining the fray. Captain Liberty may have no choice but to become a Guardian after this thrashing!


Captain Liberty has so far fought Lightstalker to a draw, culminating in a double KO for both. But with Lightstalker’s tech fully charged, things could get a lot worse for the Captain as they rise and do combat again. Worse still, an impatient Ex-Mayor Killscape is waiting in the wings and chooses to throw his hulking weight into the fight. Captain Liberty is heavily tested as the metal monster gives her an almighty thrashing after Lightstalker has softened her up. Is our heroine destined for the Guardian program, come what may?


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