Malicia’s Revenge

Episode / On-Going Story 53

Malicia is hellbent on revenge against Killscape and Equilibrium after Celestia uncovered their plot to kill her, and many other villains off once their usefulness was exhausted. She confronts Killscape who unveils the leader of his Guardian Angels: Patriot-Girl - who is sworn to protect him. Is Malicia ready to take revenge on the blonde heroine and her master?


When Celestia revealed Equilibrium’s scheme to the world, which included the use of dangerous villains on their payroll, and a final plot to kill them all, many villain’s ran, others hid, but Malicia Divine planned revenge. Having used her magic to get past the usual guards and assassins, she now stands before Killscape himself, and threatens to end him. The Ex-Mayor points out the folly of this, even if successful, before making her aware that one bodyguard has been missed: Patriot-Girl. The blonde super-strong heroine seems unaware of Killscape’s flaws, and vows to defend her master. Her immunity to magic makes life hard for Malicia at first, but when she absorbs her most powerful amulet for a temporary strength-boost, it is Patriot-Girl who comes under intense pressure. Can Malicia take revenge on Killscape by crushing his favourite Guardian Angel and the Iron Drone he controls? Or will she be the one finally finished?


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