Miss Freedom: 7th Hell – Part 2

Season 4 / Solo mission 32

Miss Freedom wakes to find herself still in Nemesis' 7th Hell, and his plans for her are even more heinous than before. She is desperate to convince him to let her go, but he must consult the client who put him up to these foul deeds, and whomever the client is, they aren't merciful.


Miss Freedom wakes to find herself still in the nightmare of Nemesis’ 7th Hell. The Dark God divulges more information about the wants of his client to completely humiliate and destroy Miss Freedom’s future. She begs him for a way to get out of this fate, and agrees to humiliate herself willingly on camera for the client if that will bring a swift end to things. Her willingness to do this is greater than any humiliation Nemesis and his client could devise, but she doesn’t recognise this. The client still cannot be sated and Nemesis continues. This time he uses weapons and various ways to bind the hopeless Miss Freedom before finally letting her know what her fate is to be. How bad does it get?

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