Miss Freedom in The Danger Room

Villain Network / Season 4 13

Miss Freedom has learned of the Villain Network and is determined to shut it down. Unfortunately she must pass through the Danger Room to get that opportunity and the Ex-Mayor of Lockdown City is ready for her!


There follows a statement from the Ex-Mayor of Lockdown City:

“Elite Force’s Bimbo Queen thinks that she can merely show up in spandex and I, the Ex-Mayor of Lockdown City will simply shut down my broadcasts? Fool. The busty blonde moron will instead become the star of our newest show: ‘The Danger Room’. As the title suggests, it’s very dangerous, particularly for heroine harlots. I shall test the very limits of her power and pain threshold. My technology will control her body and break it, and in the final act we shall decide which villain to send her to. Be in no doubt my good viewer, Miss Freedom is going to fail in this one.”

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