Noble Takedown

Episode / On-Going Story 59

On the very same day and exact same moment that Captain Liberty and Ubiquity are fighting the infected Darkheart, Majesty corners the Duke. His role in the progression of the disease cannot be understated, and she is desperate to bring him in. Though deep down he knows things have gone too far, he's not ready to be taken, a big fight follows, and it is truly unpredictable!


On the very same day that Ubiquity and Captain Liberty are fighting the infected Darkheart, Majesty tracks down a very guilty seeming Duke. With the world in real jeopardy she wants answers, but he isn’t ready to be taken in. A big fight ensues as the pocket-sized superheroine shows her superior strength, but the Duke has a trick or two up his sleeve, including a device that will mesmerize Majesty and empower him. Now she is at a big disadvantage as the Duke shows his cruel nature towards her. Can she overcome his wickedness and bring him in?


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