Partners & Stakeholders – Part 1

Episode / On-Going Story 35

The future of heroism is here, and her name is Lady Atom! Her first task is to impress the Partners & Stakeholders of the Equilibrium Corporation who paid for her development. Can she defeat the Ex-Mayor Killscape's Iron Drone? Or is this all a plot to prove their control over her?


The Story returns as the nefarious Equilibrium Corporation hold a closed circuit meeting with all of their Partners & Stakeholders to view the future of female heroism, the first in a long line of replacements for those Elite Force failures. In walks the stunning Lady Atom, a woman of immense power, but power fully controlled by the corporation. A demonstration is required of this control, and to Lady Atom’s surprise, she is thrown in against the Iron Drone, powered by Ex-Mayor Killscape. She does well, but her controller, Mandy Divine, chooses to lower her power after each success, until success turns into failure. Lady Atom is weakened and clearly in danger, but with Killscape and Divine at the controls, mercy is impossible. Does this new heroine find a way to win? Or is she KO fodder for the Iron Drone?

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