Perfect Practice – Part 1

Season 4 / Solo mission 46

Ignus Labs are making superheroine simulants for villains to use for combat practice, but they are struggling to get accurate versions and enlist the Duke to help them. His expertise in fighting heroines is significant, but his 'help' seems to be more about his own enjoyment in defeating and humiliating a simulant Captain Liberty!


Multinational corporation ‘Ignus Labs’ are moving into the superheroine sphere and have enlisted the Duke to help them to create accurate superheroine simulants for combat practice. So far they only have a very basic Captain Liberty prototype, and want to turn her into a fighting machine. The Duke is more interested in enjoying himself however, and his recommendations centre around humiliating the Captain Liberty simulant and beating her down. It turns out that a villains idea of what a superheroine is, can be far from the truth. Where will it lead?


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