Power of the Powerless

Episode / On-Going Story 44

Miss Freedom's powers have been taken away, in this personal crisis, can she find the courage and skill to take on a band of 3 thugs and keep the streets safe? They aren't afraid of her costume, it is going to be tough, but perhaps true heroism is about more than power?


Since her encounter with Dominator’s needle some months ago, Miss Freedom has been in the shadows while her powers ebbed away. Once by far the most powerful superheroine, she finds herself mortal, ordinary, but for her experience and training. She decides to test herself, in full costume against a group of local thuggish thieves. Perhaps her reputation will make them give up? Unfortunately, quite the opposite, as they mock the ‘actress’ they believe her to be. The fight is on, 3 v 1. Either Miss Freedom gets squashed, or she shows that true heroism isn’t only about power. Does she win?


Running Time:  11 Minutes 16 Seconds   •   Format:  MP4 Video   •   Resolution:  1920 x 1080   •   File Size:  416 MB   •   Delivery:  Instant Download   •   Price:  $16.95 USD

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