Progression of Power

Season 4 / Solo mission 76

Dr Progress has a plan to re-open the 7th Dimension heroine trade and capture the mighty Patriot-Girl for the first auction. Naturally, the cocky blonde has other ideas, and fully expects to make mincemeat of the weaker villain. However, something unseen appears to have given him much greater strength, and Patriot-Girl soon learns this is a battle for her freedom! To lose, means being auctioned to galactic scum that will not treat her well!


Patriot-Girl is lured by the twisted Dr Progress and informed that the 7th Dimension heroine trade is about to start again, and she is on his list for auction. Disgusted, she vows to stop him and the vile trade, expecting an easy victory over a weaker opponent. However, his confidence doesn’t waver. Something is empowering him and when the fight begins, Patriot-Girl soon finds the Dr is stronger than she is. Before long the cocky blonde is getting crushed and KO’d with ease by her vicious opponent. Can she devise a plan to stop him? If she can’t, it will mean an auction and sale to who knows where…


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