Reputational Damage

Season 4 / Solo mission 65

Shining Spirit sees it as her moral duty to close down a 'Den of Vice' as she describes it, in her sector of the city. One big problem: Acolyte is the owner. Not only will he not close down for the self-righteous heroine, but he's going to destroy her 'Little Miss Perfect' reputation as well. Shining Spirit finds very quickly that she's bitten off more than she can chew, will Acolyte spare her blushes?


Shining Spirit is furious when she finds out that a ‘Den of Vice’ is running in her sector of the city. She is bound by her morals to close it down. She confronts the owner of the establishment, an unusual masked individual called Acolyte. Not only does he refuse her demands to shut, he plans to teach her a lesson and publicly destroy her goody-two-shoes reputation. Shining Spirit attacks but is shocked by his power, capable of using forces to push her around and even electrocute her. It seems a simple shutdown of something she didn’t like has turned into a nightmare for her. Does Acolyte damage her reputation and defeat her?


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