Searching for Back Up

Season 4 / Solo mission 42

Alias is horrified to find out that another Equilibrium Associate is up to no good. This time, Malicia Divine is caught admitting to selling Lady Atom into galactic slavery, with Nemesis brokering the deal. Alias decides to attack on behalf of her team-mate... This is a very bad idea, as she finds out.


Alias is feeling betrayed by Equilibrium and runs into another of their associates up to no good. It seems Malicia Divine has sold Lady Atom into slavery, with Nemesis brokering the deal. This horrifying news shocks Alias and she decides to fight for the sake of her heroine team-mate. It is a terrible idea. Alias has very useful powers, but they are no match for the cunning of Malicia, and the outright dominance of Nemesis. Having tried to stop them in Miss Freedom form, she is beaten back and uses Athena’s powers to heal. At this point Nemesis decides to hold her in this form. Athena was brave, but she was not strong. Will Alias be crushed and sold like Lady Atom?


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