Episode / Season 3 7

Held captive for months, Celestia is now visited by a vengeful Bluebird with orders to test how strong she is. Celestia battles hard, but Bluebird is driven by hatred for Elite Force and seems determined to do her mortal harm. Which girl will emerge on top?


Celestia has been held captive since Season 3 Episode 2 by someone intent on merely holding her. There has been no mistreatment and she is even able to see the blue skies overhead. When Bluebird enters her cell, Celestia is expecting some form of rescue. Instead she encounters a bitter version of the once proud Elite Force heroine. Bluebird has been tasked to see how strong Celestia is without her staff and a fight ensues. Bluebird starts the stronger and holds nothing back as Celestia struggles to contain Bluebird’s rage. When Celestia is finally KO’d by a neck scissors Bluebird is implored to go further, but just who is imploring her? A friend, or an enemy from within? Celestia wakes and fights back hard, sure that Bluebird has every intention of doing her mortal harm. Bluebird always lacked killer instinct in the past, but things have changed. Who will win this ‘Battle of the Superheroines’? Find out now…

For Mature Viewers Only   •   Comic Book Violence   •   Female vs. Female Combat   •   Strong Language   •   INCLUDES WIN & LOSE ENDINGS!

Running Time:  17 Minutes 00 Seconds   •   Format:  MP4 Video   •   Resolution:  1280 x 720   •   File Size:  381 MB   •   Delivery:  Instant Download   •   Price:  $26.95 USD

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