Miss Freedom Trapped!

Season 4 / Solo mission 7

Miss Freedom finds herself in some kind of horror-style trap designed to humiliate her. When she finds no way to escape she sets about fighting her captor, the battle that follows brings Miss Freedom face to face with her fear!


This eerie non-canon mission finds Miss Freedom seemingly in quite a traditional trap. With flashbacks of a fight that she lost, she wakes up chained to a chair with no one around. Just as she is getting her bearings, a loud voice is heard over a speaker system. It is reading out various charges of crimes that Miss Freedom has supposedly committed. Some seem probable while others are preposterous. Using her super strength to make short work of the chains, she then finds the cell she is in is unlocked. She steps through the door to find herself back in the cell again. Whoever laid this trap has sinister powers indeed.

Miss Freedom works to find an end to this spiral but it is clearly taking her deeper until she finds herself faced with a Darkheart captain. What follows is a brutal fight between heroine and her bizarre captor with heavy and rapid hits, painful holds, with a sense of doom hanging over the entire event. Can our heroine find a way out of this trap? Or will she come face to face with her greatest fears?

Running Time:  13 Minutes 04 Seconds  •   Format:  MP4 Video   •   Resolution:  1920 x 1080   •   File Size:  572 MB   •   Delivery:  Instant Download   •   Price:  $18,95 USD

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