Special Mission / Season 4 8

Red Glory & Wonderstrike are lured by the Towers into a maze that the villains can navigate at will. The heroines must destroy a device to stop them or they will be constantly ambushed to defeat and be put on the Superior black market as slaves.


The dynamic duo of Red Glory and Wonderstrike have been lured into danger by the terrible twosome of Myanna and Xatir. What our heroines find is a maze of corridors that immediately disorient them. To make matters worse, the two villains are able to move around at will via a device that allows them to teleport. Red Glory and Wonderstrike decide to split up and look for a device to disable. However, along the way they are harrassed and ambushed by the two villains who come out of nowhere to attack them.

Myanna has a plan to exhaust the two heroines into submission, whereupon she can sell them both over the Superior black market, fetching a high price. Either Red Glory and Wonderstrike find the device and defeat the villains, or be subjected to a humiliating end.

For Mature Viewers Only   •   Comic Book Violence   •   Female vs. Female Combat & Male vs. Female Combat  •   Strong Language   •

Running Time:  12 Minutes 21 Seconds   •   Format:  MP4 Video   •   Resolution:  1280 x 720   •   File Size:  279 MB   •   Delivery:  Instant Download   •   Price:  $18.95 USD

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