Deja Vu: Part One

Episode / On-Going Story 1

Our story continues as Candy Race goes after a thug only to find he has super- strength! When his back up arrives, she calls for hers in the form of 'Deja Vu'. Can these 2 rookie heroines strike a blow for justice?


Following the defeat of Myanna and the Dark Superiors, a tentative alliance has been formed between Miss Freedom representing human civilisation and Spectrum representing the Light Superiors. Now that everything is quiet, Elite Force can focus on quality recruitment and send new heroines on simple missions to improve their skills gradually.

One such recruit is Candy Race AKA The Equalizer, and her simple mission is to arrest a thug for a street robbery. However, when she catches up with the thug not all is as it should be. For one he doesn’t want to be arrested and uses some kind of super-strength to resist, giving Candy a very hard physical workout. So when a second thug appears she wisely calls for backup.

This arrives in the form of another new recruit; Deja Vu. Clad still in her silver training catsuit and mask, the new girl shows incredible fighting skill, yet still the thugs endure, until finally a third arrives. He has a trick up his sleeve to separate the two heroines and it appears all three men are proud Darkhearts. But how is this possible when the Darkhearts were defeated years ago?

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