Deja Vu: Part Two

Episode / On-Going Story 2

Deja Vu is left to take on 3 Darkheart thugs and shows considerable promise. However she is outnumbered and soon her powers are waning. Perhaps goading them into more fighting is a mistake?


Rookie Elite Force recruit ‘Deja Vu’ had come to the aid of another newbie Candy Race as she struggled against two overpowered Darkheart thugs. The tide was beginning to turn in the heroines favour when a Darkheart Captain arrived and swung it back to the bad guys having initiated an explosion on the other side of the city. Michael Sampson needed Candy to help deal with this catastrophe, leaving a brave but endangered Deja to take on three villains at once.

Deja Vu proves to be a very skilled martial artist and her power gets more use as she tries to keep the fight going her way. However, as exhaustion begins to set in, so her power wanes and starts to prove a hinderance. Luckily for her, the Darkhearts can’t seem to detect what her power is and consider her of no interest, just as they had after scanning Candy. However the rookie heroine shows pride and inexperience all at once by goading them into attacking her further. This proves a mistake as the Captain breaks Deja over his knee and a pounding ensues. Is it going to be one mission and done for Deja Vu?

Running Time:  14 Minutes 23 Seconds  •   Format:  MP4 Video   •   Resolution:  1920 x 1080   •   File Size:  630 MB   •   Delivery:  Instant Download   •   Price:  $22.95 USD

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