A Game Of Two Halves

Episode / On-Going Story 3

Wonderstrike may have met her match in notorious Arch-Villain Alaric. Though she fights brilliantly, she is unprepared for his 'new' power, and when he blindsides her, the only outcome is disaster.


After the explosion that drew Candy Race away in ‘Deja Vu: Part One’ had been dealt with, it was up to Wonderstrike who also attended the scene to deal with the media. With the incident now under control, attention turned to the perpetrators. Michael Sampson informs Wonderstrike of new Darkheart activity and to be vigilant. No sooner has he said those words than our heroine runs into Alaric, their leader. Considered dead since the Dark Superior invasion, his re-emergence is a surprise. With Sampson’s warnings ringing in her ears, Wonderstrike sets to dealing with Alaric where so many Elite Force heroines have failed. Being a powerful fighter she starts strongly and even imagines she has defeated the demonic boss. However, Alaric has a new power, and he blindsides Wonderstrike in her moment of victory.

Having spent too much energy on a Wonder-Blast to ‘defeat’ him, Wonderstrike is in a bad situation. Whatever has happened to Alaric, he has lost none of his notorious brutality and he viciously punishes and humiliates Wonderstrike. Darkness is on the rise, will it consume Wonderstrike too?

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