Episode / On-Going Story 5

While Elite Force's leadership argues about the way forward, the Deceptress is left to fight an unknown villain alone. 'Dr Progress' has a weapon to nullify powers, and is looking to ransom Deceptress. Can she find a way to win?


With Elite Force heroines doing a disappearing act and those that are still around under attack, Erica makes contact with Miss Freedom about on-going strategy. The Deceptress effectively led Elite Force throughout the Dark Superior invasion, but now that Miss Freedom has resumed command old issues have resurfaced. The Deceptress has a lead, one that could prove very dangerous and she requests that heroines work in groups going forward. Miss Freedom disagrees, and so Erica goes it alone.

Her ‘lead’ is 7th Dimension trader ‘Dr Progress’. This anarchic scientist has developed a weapon that nullifies powers. When a fight begins Erica uses her clones to gain the upper hand, but once temporarily blinded by this advanced weapon her ability to clone becomes erratic at best. Dr Progress is strong in his own right and begins to wear out Erica with strikes and debilitating bearhugs. Eventually the Deceptress succumbs to a KO and is tied up arms over head by the Doctor. He has the plan to either ransom Erica back to Elite Force, or sell her in the 7th Dimension. These villains are growing bolder, and Elite Force cannot afford to lose a heroine of The Deceptress’s quality. Can she get out of this fix?

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