Corruption – Part 1

Episode / On-Going Story 7

Virtue has finally recovered from the coma that Filth put her in and is out for revenge. Instead, she comes up against Filth's associate the Dominator, a vicious villainess hell-bent on crushing Virtue, can our heroine overcome the odds?


In ‘Season Four Episode 4: Nowhere Safe’ Virtue came up against the disgusting Dark Superior muscle ‘Filth’. This foul creature used his radioactive sludge to weaken and defeat Virtue, putting her in a coma which meant she played no part in Elite Force’s eventual victory over the Towers. Now largely recovered, Virtue is looking to bring Filth to justice and using various contacts has traced his movements to a particular safe-house. As she lays in wait for her quarry, the Dominator arrives. This maniacal villainess loves nothing more than crushing heroines and Virtue looks like a delicious prize. While not the fight she envisaged having, Virtue will not back down and the two go at it.

Virtue begins strongly, taking the villainess down to the floor, but in some sense it feels like someone knew she was coming as Dominator uses a dart with an enzyme that reignites the latent toxicity still in Virtue’s body from her Filth-y encounter. A weakened Virtue has no chance against the Dominator, and the twisted and sadistic villain revels in putting Virtue in various painful holds as well as knocking her out more than once. With Virtue firmly in her control it seems the Dominator has wicked plans for our virtuous super heroine. What are they? Find out now…

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