Corruption – Part 2

Episode / On-Going Story 8

Virtue has been caught in a trap just when she thought she was springing one herself... The Dominator continues to pour on the pain but there is method to this madness when Malicia Divine arrives. Where once stood Virtue, now stands Vice!


In ‘Corruption – Part 1’ Virtue set out for revenge against Filth, only to run into the Dominator at a safe house. But was this encounter all it seemed? Virtue had Filths poison still in her system reawakened by Dominators chemical darts and generally got pummeled by the villain.

Now in Part 2 the pummeling continues, but this time the lady villain places more emphasis on humiliation. The beautiful and pure heroine in white proving to be her polar opposite, someone she was born to despise. Dominator clamps on more painful holds and the weakened Virtue is at her mercy. The beating lasts a long time and when it all comes to an end the cruel Dominator literally dumps the helpless heroine in the trash. But she isn’t finished.

For Dominator has made a ‘Divine’ deal. She will hand over the beaten beauty to Malicia, a villain perhaps even more sadistic than she, and whose new power ring makes a permanent alteration to Virtue. What was once pure, is now corrupt. Where once stood Virtue, now stands Vice.

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