Two Prisons

Episode / On-Going Story 10

The Deceptress has tracked down Violetta in the hopes of gaining more knowledge about 7D. In this way she is successful, trouble is, Violetta wants to sell her in the booming heroine trade. Can Erica keep herself free or become a captive in two prisons?


Erica and Miss Freedom have seemingly resolved their differences for now regarding how to counter whatever is causing Elite Force heroines to disappear. In a classic ‘let’s split up’ move, they decide to individually track down a source that can teach them more about the threat they are facing. The Deceptress heads to the very place where Miss Freedom was a captive of the Masked Man, while Miss Freedom heads elsewhere.

When Deceptress arrives it isn’t the Masked Man she runs into, but his much more talkative business partner; Violetta. Erica is able to get a lot of good information about the workings of the 7th Dimension, and insight into the considerable powers of the Crown Prince, and his interest in Elite Force heroines. This knowledge could go to waste however as Violetta decides she would like Erica for herself, a Grade A commodity for trading on the heroine market. Erica doesn’t agree naturally and a fight ensues.

It is likely that in a straight fisticuffs battle Erica would have too much power for Violetta. However, the villainess has vast mesmeric powers, enabling her to go inside the mind of her prey and imprison her there. Which prison might Erica be left in? The one inside her mind? Or the very real one as a heroine for sale? Find out now…

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