Forever Enemies

Episode / Season 4 / On-Going Story 11

Miss Freedom meets with John Roman to gain intel on the 7th Dimension, but John has orchestrated a meeting of his own between Miss Freedom and The Dominator. Urged to avenge Celestia, Miss Freedom is drawn into a fight she can't afford.


At the same moment The Deceptress was walking into Violetta’s lair, so Miss Freedom was walking into a meeting with old ‘acquaintance’ John Roman. The history between these two is chequered to say the least with Roman and his brother at different times setting out to destroy Miss Freedom. They teamed up briefly to bring down the Dark Superior invasion, but once again enmity is the order of the day. Miss Freedom is looking for information on the 7th Dimension and at first Roman obliges, but he agreed to the meeting for his own reasons… To give Miss Freedom the chance to duel with Celestia’s murderer, ‘The Dominator’.

When the powerful Superior villain joins them and shows off Celestia’s costume, Miss Freedom cannot resist taking up the fight, just as Roman planned. The heroine starts well, her original powers broadly restored should make her a match for any Superior, but the two villains have brought some 7th Dimension tech to the party which controls Miss Freedom and removes her ability to attack. At once helpless she is beaten and humiliated by Dominator who places her in a succession of painful holds in an attempt to break her heroic will. Miss Freedom needs to buy time to work out a strategy, but can she rely on the mercy of her ‘forever enemy’ John Roman?

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