Fake News

Episode / On-Going Story 12

Miss Freedom continues to battle Dominator and John Roman but the villains hold the trump card with a piece of 7D technology which appears to drain her physically and mentally, leading to a stunning TV admission!


The pressure is mounting on Miss Freedom as she battles two arch-villains with The Dominator ably assisted by John Roman. Most importantly of all is the 7th Dimension technology that they are using to exert control over her. When left to her own abilities, Miss Freedom is a good match for the Dominator, but all it takes is another use of the super-weapon and all her good work becomes meaningless.

Miss Freedom continues the fight in strong style, forcing Roman to use the technology against her once more. An angry Dominator decides to create a submission hell for Miss Freedom, forcing her into painful holds and stretches that appear to break her will. Could it be that this nefarious 7D tech does more than simply physical damage? The power of shocking pain proves to be more than a battered and crushed Miss Freedom can handle, and she finds herself dressed in a humiliating version of her costume, uttering words to a global audience that could change things forever. Is there any way to arrest her degrading descent?

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