Heroine Auction

Episode / On-Going Story 13

The Deceptress is now under the full control of notorious heroine-trader 'Violetta', and now it is time for the auction. To make a good sale the buyers will need to see just what Erica can do, so she is put through her paces for the VTV VIP's!


The Villain Network and the Story collide as the Deceptress, having been taken captive by heroine trader Violetta, is put up for auction to the villainous VIP section. It is in Violetta’s interest to show the capabilities of the product and suggest ways that she might be used. Of course it makes sense to suggest that she might be used for evil, such as an army of Erica’s by extending her power across hundreds of duplicates. Showing her potential physical and fighting strength is also useful. However Violetta excels when describing ways to humiliate the proud heroine.

With her dignity lost the Deceptress is made to do exercises for this most brutal of audiences. Stripped of her boots she squats and star jumps for the camera. Violetta also shows the mind control aspects where her character might be altered to one that is fully compliant of a master’s wishes, or a bimbo whose intellect can be toyed with. The sales pitch is perfect for any villain looking to own one of Earth’s finest females, but it is another buyer who steps forward. Will the Deceptress ever be heroic again?

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