All Together Now

Episode / On-Going Story 18

The Story and Championship converge and Celestia & Spectrum are set to face each other in the ring. They don't want to, but when told the severity of punishment for refusal they have no choice. Fighting hard, who will win?


The main story and the Championship converge at last as Spectrum is set to fight freshly-captured Celestia in the ring. Naturally neither wishes to fight the other, so the Announcer gives them an ultimatum: At the end of this battle all captive heroines will be brought to the ring for a special punishment, apart from whomever the winner of their bout chooses. This chance at rare mercy appears to be all it takes to convince the heroines to fight.

As each knows, the fight has to be real, and entertaining for the watching Crown Prince or punishment could become even more severe for all, but perhaps an opportunity has arisen that the Crown Prince had not foreseen?

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