Pleasing The Prince

Episode / On-Going Story 19

Miss Freedom is used as bait to draw out her many team-mates who have inexplicably slipped through the Crown Prince's fingers. Even stranger, he cannot locate them, so Miss Freedom will be humiliated until they show.


The Crown Prince is angry. Having lost such a large part of his superheroine collection, and with no clear way to find them again, he’s decided baiting them might just work. He calls upon Miss Freedom to be used yet again as humiliated entertainment in order to draw out her team-mates by opening this broadcast to all frequencies. Miss Freedom has already had all pride beaten out of her, but this is another level altogether.

Pitted against a Medieval Knight, her swordplay is tested, particularly one the blade is sharpened enough to cut Miss Freedom’s heroic flesh. The Knight is enhanced further and further as a routine win for our heroine turns into a likely defeat as the Prince stacks the deck against her. Miss Freedom’s struggles are available for anyone in the multiverse to see, but will this shameful broadcast draw out her hiding friends?

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